Our Values

Here at Main Event USA®, we place honesty and integrity at the forefront of our business. As both brand owners and online retail specialists, we respect all the hard work that goes into building a brand. We know the issues faced by brands while struggling to control sales online. We seek collaborative and transparent partnerships with our suppliers in order to optimize the customer experience, protect and promote their brand, and ultimately to grow sales.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Brand Security

Brand Security
We value long-term relationships over a quick sell and will never intentionally violate MAP pricing. We even monitor and report MAP pricing among other retailers and shield you from price erosion.  

Product Focus And Improvement

Product Focused
We solicit and monitor product feedback to provide you with valuable ways to improve your product.

Listing Optimizations

Pass the Risk
There is a huge difference between a product listing that sells and one that doesn't. We perform detailed listing reviews to identify problem areas such as pictures, descriptions, user comments, and work to fix them.

Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction
We meet customer needs through rapid answers to common questions and best-in-class customer care. This ensures loyalty and repeat sales.

Friendly Experts

Work with Experts
We are a small yet dedicated team of online experts and not a faceless corporation.  We provide our partners with a single contact point who knows your product, the platform and your pains.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line
We focus on showcasing your product online so you don't have to. Our boutique business model is centered on fewer vendors, and investing deeply in the few we have.


We already have too many sellers, why should we sell to you ?

Okay.. but do you have the right sellers ? What are your current sellers actually doing for you ? Do they offer ways to optimize your listings, run ads or monitor MAP ? Are they upfront and transparent? With the growth of sales online, and particular Amazon.com, more and more people are showing up and hoping to make a quick buck by flipping your product online. There is little commitment and even less interest in your brand.

We strive to be different. We believe in relationships and doing the work to build long-term success in business. After all, the more we help you grow, the better we do. We would much rather service the complete needs of 10 partners, rather than just barely getting to know 100.

No one respects MAP, how do we prevent MAP breakers?

If you are like most brand owners, then you feel like you a fighting an angry hydra of violators – chop off one head and another one appears in its place. This is made worse when selling directly to Amazon, which doesn’t honor MAP agreements and will reduce prices to a point at which no other retailer – whether online or brick & mortar – can support.

The answer is to build a moat around and defend the castle. Narrow your wholesale customers to only trustworthy and upfront partners. As your partner we will leverage our processes and tools to research and identify leaks, lend our years of experience to advise on strategy, and monitor for intruders on a monthly basis. We never violate MAP even if we are liquidating a product.

Why shouldn’t we just sell to Amazon?

Selling to Amazon is a bit like hiring the foxes to watch the hen house. At the end of the day, Amazon is a business built around selling the cheapest products to the most people and growing through your data. Read: they are not focused on your interests. You will be subject to mandatory returns, an overseas support persons who don’t know your business, long cash cycles, no MAP, and at the end of the day, if your product does well enough, there’s a decent chance that Amazon will just go and make a private label version of their own (at much lower price).

While we think ignoring the Amazon sales channel is a big mistake, we know that there is a better way: partner with our friendly team of experts who have your back. We’re only a phone call away and love getting to know and help our vendor partners. We think that you’ll come to appreciate working with us too..

Brick & mortar are our focus, why bother with online ?

Growing a brand is like raising a child: after many years of nurturing at home, it eventually becomes too big and needs to be free in the big ‘ol world. Here you have the choice to: keep it pinned in or free it to grow on its own (while still keeping its roots). There are some compelling reasons to make this transition a priority:

1 – Online, and particularly Amazon, are simply too big to ignore. Here are some facts: Half of all web shoppers will go to Amazon to search for a product. 51% of consumers planned to do all of their holiday shopping on Amazon. Amazon has grown in sales between 20-42% per year, every year, and yet still only represents 5% of all retail sales (that means they will only get bigger…)

2 – Your online listing is a like a billboard on Times Square. Due to the HUGE volumes of customers browsing online – even when they are in a physical store and just comparison shopping – an optimized listing is the most efficient way to tell your brand’s story. Online sales as a percentage of total retail sales has more than doubled in the past decade, and will only increase. You do not want to make a crappy first impression!

3 – The reality is that your product is going to be sold online whether you like it or not. Amazon, Wal-Mart and most other online marketplaces have very few controls to prevent your product from being listed without your consent (after all, why would they?). Trust us: even if you don’t control the listing, someone will make one for you.. and you might not like it. Why not work with a specialist who will curate the best listing possible ?

In summary, online is here to stay. And even if you feel like you have no control now, with consistent effort and trusted partners, you can regain control. Please contact us and we would love to get to know your business..

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